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Guiding Your Project with Insight & Strategy.

 Project Consulting.

Scope of Services:

1. Project Evaluation: Assessing project feasibility, risks, and potential challenges.

2. Design Review: Analyzing architectural and engineering plans for efficiency and compliance.

3. Budget and Cost Analysis: Creating and managing project budgets, cost estimates, and value engineering.

4. Schedule Management: Developing and monitoring project timelines to ensure on-time completion.

5. Quality Control: Implementing quality assurance processes to maintain construction standards.

6. Contract Management: Reviewing and negotiating contracts with contractors and subcontractors.

7. Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring adherence to local building codes and regulations.

8. Bid Analysis: Evaluating bids from contractors to recommend the best-suited team.

9. Virtual Construction Oversight: Regular virtual coordination and progress reports to ensure project goals are met.

10. Change Order Management: Assessing and managing changes to project scope and costs.

11. Risk Mitigation: Identifying and addressing potential project risks before they escalate.

12. Stakeholder Communication: Facilitating communication between all project stakeholders.

13. Environmental Sustainability: Advising on green building practices and sustainability initiatives.

14. Conflict Resolution: Resolving disputes and issues that may arise during construction.

15. Project Closeout: Ensuring a smooth transition from construction to occupancy.

Service Offerings:

1. Initial Consultation: Free initial assessment to discuss project needs and goals.

2. Comprehensive Project Management: End-to-end management of the construction process.

3. Customized Solutions: Tailored consulting services to match project complexity.

4. Advisory Reports: Detailed reports outlining project status, risks, and recommendations.

5. Cost Estimation and Control: Detailed cost analysis and control strategies.

6. Scheduling and Timeline Management: Ensuring timely project completion.

7. Regulatory Compliance Services:  Expertise in navigating local regulations and permits.

8. Contract Negotiation and Administration: Negotiating favorable contracts and managing them throughout the project.

9. Quality Assurance and Control: Implementing rigorous quality standards.

10. Sustainability Consulting: Integrating sustainable practices into construction projects.

11. Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Proactive identification and management of project risks.

12. Stakeholder Communication Plans: Effective communication strategies for all project participants.

13. Dispute Resolution Services: Mediation and conflict resolution expertise.

14. Project Closeout Services: Comprehensive project closure and handover services.

15. Value Engineering: Optimizing project costs without compromising quality.

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