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Pre-Con Services.

Seasoned Professionals for Every Trade Division.

Quantity Surveys.

VERSA provides quantity take-off's for every trade division. From Earthwork to Casework. 

We extract the data you want and how you want it.

Whether for one trade or a full scale building, we use todays best technology to furnish you with material quantities and markup reports.

Project Cost Reporting.

If you need to qualify a project, establish a baseline budget, or are just curious what your project would cost, we pair RS Means costing data with your take-off to provide a figure based on the geographical location of the project.

Takeoff Cost Report.png
Bid COmparison form.jpeg

Bid ManagemenT.

If you are looking to build a hard line bid for a project, this service is for you. 

This entails VERSA soliciting bids from your vendors and subcontractors to build and manage your bid so you can focus on more important things.

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